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Simba Plastics is a well know plastics company in Tanzania. I got the opportunity to do my final design thesis project at Simba. The project was to design a modular kiosk cum shelter for the African subcontinent . The kiosk would be used in the urban , suburban regions as a selling point for vendors. But the same kiosk with scaled up proportions would act as shelter for housing people in a natural calamity or disasters.

The product is presently in production.

Use of high impact LLDPE Plastic material makes it 100% rust-proof, termite proof and waterproof.
Can be manufactured in multiple combinations of brand colours.
Ensures vibrant and consistent brand identity across global markets despite different size requirements.
Seamless, slant roof design helps easy drainage during rains and also avoids leakages.
DCH (Door Counter Hatch) concept provides absolute functional ease.
Provision for optional translucent panels to be used as integrated glow signs.
Provision for inbuilt brackets, accessories and shelving modules.
Easily re-locatable. OMNI can be dismantled and relocated as per market needs.
Options to accommodate exterior visual branding merchandize using decals or ABS posters.

Longer Life - Made by High Impact Plastic hence non-corrosive, non-rotting, no painting required.
Consistency in Brand Identity - Despite different sizes.
Higher Brand Visibility - Omni Kiosk is taller hence provides more visibility in the market place.
High Aesthetics - Translucent panels allow back lit options and glow sign functions.
Multi Colour Options.
Modularity - offers various foot prints, with similar identity.
Leak Proof - Special seam less roof design.
Easy Drainage - Slant roof design.
Space Saving - Introducing DCH (Door Counter Hatch) concept.
Freight Friendly - Available in CKD form.
Movable - Easy to assemble and dismantle, thus giving mobility for future.

Photo : Courtesy Innovaxis, Simba Plastics