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It is very common for one to see at birthday parties that kids are upset and cry about getting a smaller piece of cake compared to the rest of the kids. Even elders for that matter are not left behind requesting for a larger share of the cake. Similarly its also seen that wedding cakes get over before the all the guests get to taste the wedding cake.

"Happy Cut" solves this problem by assisting to cut the cake with accurate number of pieces so that every body gets to go back home happy. Happy Cut is a device which is mounted in the center of a cake which could be of any shape and size. Once the device is mounted in the center you can select the type of cake (cirular or square) and then the size of the cake (eg. 8 inch , 12 inch etc.) and fix the number of pieces you need ( 24 pieces , 50 pieces) and viola the device beams out laser which fall on the cake for you to easily cut it into the required pieces.

Once the cake is cut the device can be removed and the pin can be wiped clean and stored. The top jog dial rim of the device is magnetic and so is the push pin. So for storage you can stick it on the refrigerator or just place it in your drawer. Easy and convenient to use.